Thursday, May 06, 2004

Higher education and women

Ran across this interesting article on why we see more women in higher ed. Higher education and women are a natural pair, because it makes economic sense according to one study.
    Young women are more motivated to do well in university and college than men because they know there is an immediate economic benefit, Prof. Perna found.

    Drawing on data from a U.S. Department of Education survey of more than 9,000 Americans who graduated from high school in 1992 and were interviewed occasionally until 2000, Prof. Perna found that the incomes of women with a bachelor's degree were 24 per cent higher than those of women with only a high-school diploma. Young men had no significant wage benefit from higher education, she said in an interview.
Young women with only a high school education makes less than young men with a high school education. An inequitable world out there and this from data going back from 1992, the good years. I wonder how globalization has affected this whole picture. All I know is that higher education is no guarentee for a job these days, regardless of gender.