Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Onwards: destroy the state HIV/Sex Education law and oust any members who don't agree with them

The emboldened runaway school board in Westminster School District continues its battle to change state laws they don't like. Looks like they've targeted a new state law:
    Westminster School District trustees may be headed for another clash with state education officials over a new sex education and AIDS awareness law.

    At a meeting Thursday, the board will discuss the law that streamlines sex education and AIDS prevention education in California schools. Trustee Judy Ahrens — part of the three-member board majority that recently took a controversial stand against a state anti-discrimination law — said she had raised the issue to be sure that the district would not abandon its own policy that requires parents to register their children for the classes, versus the district automatically placing students.

    The California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Act, which took effect in January, was intended to bring various sex and AIDS education laws under one title.

    The law requires districts to inform parents of the content of classes and allows parents to remove their children if they wish to do so.
The second thing they plan to do is to get rid of the other school board members who don't agree with them:
    Also at Thursday's meeting, Rutkowski will request that James Reed be replaced as the board president. She has accused Reed of being in "dereliction of duty," according to the district's meeting agenda.

    The move comes after a series of raucous meetings in recent months at which the board discussed the discrimination law.

    "[Reed] has not been a voice for the entire board; he's been opinionated, and I think it's great that he'll be replaced," said Marquez-Woodcock.
Actually, it's true he hasn't supported them but the sad thing is, he's the one that's been the true voice for the community.

What's clear is that these ladies are taking advantage of a loophole, by taking over the local schoolboard. They got away with changing one state law. Now it looks like everything else they disagree with may now be in their target hairs.

Many disturbing things about this, one being stealth tactics. Case in point: placing items on the school board agenda. According to parent Jim Morey who is hopping mad about this whole thing, Judy Ahrens placed this latest item on the agenda labelled incorrectly, SB 71. a worker's comp law. Maybe it was a real error but given the past tactics (omitting provisions of state law, coming up with their own version of the state law, hiring a lawyer familiar with their agenda covertly), I only continue to watch this drama unfold, horrified at the consequences. Copycat school boards, for one.
Update: One thing, you can contact Sheila Kuehl who wrote these laws.