Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Lakoff on reframes

Glad to see Don Hazen's new Alternet column: The Frame and doubly glad to see Lakoff will be regularly featured.
    George Lakoff: Kerry should be saying "Let's make America stronger again." The message should be: The Bush guys and the conservatives in general have weakened the country. I would say the same thing over and over again, emphasizing all the different reasons: In Iraq, our soldiers are being shot at in impossible situations. They have stretched the armed forces so thin that there is serious talk of reinstituting the draft. Overall the conservatives have weakened health and environmental protections, they have weakened the Medicare system, and they have weakened the country fundamentally by pushing a culture war that is vicious and separates people. That is a big part. They have also made us hated around the world, which doesn't make us stronger. They have made the dollar weak. People aren't focused on it right now, but if go abroad you find out how weak the dollar is.

    If the Democrats want to succeed, it is necessary to pin this weakness on Bush. People have to say this really loudly. And Bush himself is a weak president. When he testified to the 9/11 commission, he needed Cheney to be there to hold his hand, like a little kid going with his mommy. Is he a president or isn't he? What kind of president can't talk for himself? This weakness should be a national issue.
These are instructions not just for Kerry but for the rest of us as well. Reframe our bold and fearless leader with this: "Let's make America stronger again". Repeat many many times using as many as examples as possible.

Update: Speaking of reframes, the new Kerry ads are out, and Liberal Oasis provides a great analysis as usual.