Friday, May 07, 2004

Continued insanity in Westminster

The saga continues. Three members of school board voted to demote the current president who opposed their actions, actions which literally threatened their school district funding.
    "Jim Reed has repeatedly expressed contempt for the decisions of this governing board," according to a statement read on behalf of trustee Helena Rutkowski, who brought the matter before the board. "Mr. Reed is in dereliction of duty by refusing to represent this board and therefore should be removed."
In response, he said:
    Before handing the gavel over to Rutkowski, Reed said: "I find it laughable that Miss Rutkowski's perception of my dereliction of duty needs to be considered tonight." He said he regretted that he "must now pass the gavel to someone who has not served with respect and honor," drawing an extended standing ovation from the crowd.
More meeting info will be posted later.