Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The politics of public education

Ms. Lauren expounds, and I do hope this is part one of a very long series of rants.

From Feministe: "Schools are, from the ground up, primarily controlled by politicians".
Education is a political issue — but it shouldn’t be. I am of the firm belief that aside from public support and funding, the public school system should lie at the hands of educators and people trained in sound pedagogical practices. Because this isn’t the case, I may very well pass up on a public school teaching job that I am over-qualified to perform. In no way do I feel obligated to justify my pedagogy to a parade of political assholes who aren’t even familiar with the term.
More from Jay at his site.
The biggest dangers come from within, not without. The only point that matters is the point of contact between me and my students. The only support I get at that point is through my union. My belonging to and support of a union is, in and of itself, political. The very act of teaching, then, is political.
Now, it's your turn.