Tuesday, May 17, 2005

How do we invoke change in worldviews?

Just to show I do care about things other than public education, I'm linking to the most current Bill Moyers' searing speech archived on Common Dreams.
Hear me: an unconscious people, an indoctrinated people, a people fed only partisan information and opinion that confirm their own bias, a people made morbidly obese in mind and spirit by the junk food of propaganda is less inclined to put up a fight, ask questions and be skeptical. And just as a democracy can die of too many lies, that kind of orthodoxy can kill us, too.
More context here. While I think life is incomplete without leaders such as Moyers, I also understand many people do not want to hear dire messages such as this. So: how do we communicate to those who do not want to hear, to see, to think?

I'll allow it's human nature to bury our collective heads in the sand but I think somehow, we have to figure out that continuing to do so will endanger not only our lifestyle, our lives but the lives of our children and grandchildren, our future.