Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Who is Michael Piscal?

The anti-PTA rant by Michael Piscal, CEO of an LA charter school, on Arianna Huffington's new blog really caught my attention.

Fighting words they were. He's really pissed.

Which brings me to these questions: what is he doing on her blog? And who the hell is Michael Piscal?

Susan O provided an assist with this link from his school site.


Thanks, Susan. And Huffington sits on his Board of Trustees.
William Campbell, Actor
Arianna Huffington, Columnist & Author
Nancy Ichinaga, California State Board of Education, Bennet Kew Elementary (Ret.)
David Moore, Metal Sales Associates & View Park Prep Parent
James O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien, Meredith Broadcasting
Simeon Slovacek Ph.D., California State University, L.A.

Impressive achievements on the part of Piscal, really. Good for him and for the kids but I'm always curious: what are his connections?

I know I don't have the full story but you all should know he's signed the Manifesto propagated by the right-wing education think tank headed by Chester Finn.


It's an amazing list of the luminaries in the conservative education movement including William Bennett, Jeanne Allen, Terry Moe, that ever-present DLC education guy, Lisa Graham Keegan, Frederick Hess, and many others. It's an interesting list. His presence amongst these movers and shakers says a lot about his world view.