Tuesday, May 10, 2005

No to Arnold

Or to any other catchy phrase. Call me a curmudgeon. You all are welcome to label him any way you please.

But I think calling him by his first name does us, meaning those who screwed and righteously steamed by his agenda, a huge disservice.

Hence I call him for who he is: a politician. He is not my pal, he is not a movie-star acquaintance I feel close to because I've seen him act in a few movies, he is not someone I'm chummy with such that I can call him by first name.

I call him the Governor to remind myself of the import of his position. His policies have wreaked havoc with school districts everywhere in the state. He doesn't care. He's got a vile and despicable agenda to thrust upon us.

Schwarzenegger is a politician, first and foremost, in this current incarnation. He is no longer the Terminator guy, nor the Conan creep, nor a California movie-star. Those are celluloid images from the past, unreal and warped. Now he has a different job. And it is not to entertain us nor to remove us from our reality for a moment of respite. Maybe he'd like for us to continue to be mesmerized by his Arnold-I-am-the-reformer show which is more like a nightmare.

The governor, the politician Schwarzenegger, has declared war on the regular people of California. I think he deserves to be seen with clarity. He is the enemy of the people of California. And we all should declare war on him.