Sunday, May 08, 2005

Charter school threatens parents' free speech

Apologies for the post and run but be sure to catch this blood pressure raising dKos post.

Source article:
Charter Schools USA is threatening legal action against parents who use an Internet discussion board to air grievances about Gateway Charter.

Parent Angela Reigelman, who created the virtual forum, received a letter via FedEx on Thursday ordering her to remove the forum. The company also warned other Web contributors Thursday.


"CSUSA has reviewed the Web site and has determined that your and other parents' and other Web site participants' published accusations, comments and statements are unlawful, defamatory and libelous against CSUSA, Gateway Charter School and Dr. Nauss," attorney Lisa MacClugage stated in the letter to Reigelman.
This is a development new to me but consider it a huge red flag as our nation's public education system lurches towards charter schools.

But now, I gotta run. Since we're going to meet the in-laws, I can count on Mother's Day to be a drama-filled day of angst and turmoil. I'm going to review favorite passages from my Jon Kabat-Zinn books and mightily resist the urge to throw the books at my mother-in-law.

A good Mom's Day to all the moms out there!