Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Awesome museum

Here I am, in Connecticut, doing my laundry. Still on West Coast time, so everyone is asleep, and I'm...wired. Wasn't planning to blog but here I am. What is with blogging anyway?

We took the Metro in to New York today to visit the American Museum of Natural History. First to Grand Central Station, then down to the subways, which took us to the very door of the museum. Impressed with the stink of the passages between the subway stations. I felt like an ant scurrying from one hole in the ground to another.

But the Museum impressed all of us. Our comparison point is the LA Museum of Natural History, a favorite destination for us. But, sad to say, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. The NY museum obviously has tons more money to spend on their exhibits, and it shows.

The first grader doesn't travel well so we didn't stay as long as I wanted to;we took the express Metro back before we had a meltdown. This place definitely merits a return visit, preferably with an older child.