Sunday, August 08, 2004

A publisher of note

Two books*, spawned from evil, come from the very same publishing house: Regnery Publishing. I don't think this is a coincidence.

I noticed Matt Stoller providing the goods on this company.
Regnery Publishing is the publisher of her books. The publishing house has John Birch society ties, the Birch society of course being the 1950s group so extreme in their right-wing ideology that they thought Eisenhower was a communist stooge. Alfred Regnery, the owner of the publishing house, is close friends with both Ken Starr and Lucianne Goldberg. There are rumors the CIA helped subsidize the publishing house, which would not be surprising considering the strongly pro-German interests of the founders of the CIA (documented extensively by Kevin Phillips in American Dynasty) and their ties to the right-wing. The following passage is the best summary of Regnery I have found, though the details are quite freely available around the web elsewhere:
Continues. Good work. I would keep an eye on this publishing group. I can't wait to see what other nasty revisionist tripe is coming down the pike.

*In Defense of Internment by Malkin and Unfit for Command by Corsi