Tuesday, August 10, 2004

WaPo on education and politics

Or more specifically on Kerry's putative 'weaknesses' in his education policy.

It's really another one of those infuriating WaPo editorials on education, maddening because it pushes that key Republican talking point, the flip-flop motif, over and over again. Actually, the writer of the editorial fails at his/her task because if anything, it paints Kerry as someone who understands the difference between rhetoric and reality.
There is a pattern here. If Mr. Kerry's sometimes fierce rhetoric questioning the value of trade is matched by what his aides say is quiet support for trade, perhaps it is no surprise that his sometimes harsh vocal opposition to accountability standards also appears to be matched by quiet support for them. Maybe that's just what happens during a political campaign -- but it would help Mr. Kerry later if he worked harder on building constituencies for difficult issues now.
About that last sentence: what is that about? Anybody else want to tackle that?

However, I see the writer(s) take care not to notice the Dubya flip flop on higher education. I see no mention of the false White House talking point about schools sending back unused money as perpertrated by O'Reilly. Of course, we don't see any mention that WaPo benefits from NCLB policies because their parent also owns Kaplan Educational Systems, now a star money maker.

I'm also wondering if this is all a set-up for the Republican convention at the end of the month where I'll bet Dubya is trying to resurrect his reputation as education president.

I can see it now: back from the dead, he has now arisen to be reborn... as the character education president. Wish I could run from this nightmare but I've got to take care of my kid who goes to public school.