Friday, August 13, 2004

Take the NCLB survey!

Susan Ohanian has a link to a site surveying NCLB attitudes. Susan notes that the survey is conducted by Public Education Network, a nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income communities. However, a closer look at who funds PEN as well as their agenda is warranted. From her new book, Why is Corporate America Bashing our Public Schools? written with Emery, they detail how PEN is a major playa in this whole standards deal (pp. 237-239). Part of their agenda is to incorporate 'accountability' and 'standards and outcomes' assessment. Some corporate donors include: Harcourt Educational Measurement (source of many of the standardized tests used for NCLB), Annenberg Foundation and US DOE.

While the survey's choices are a bit rigged in some places, I would still recommend a visit since you can provide a comment. Let them know what you think.

Also check out the new book by Ohanian and Emery. It's full of important connections, as seen above. Note: no conflict of interest here. I'm not getting anything from pushing their book.