Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My sentiments, exactly

Via Susan Ohanian

Time to point out this essay written with fire by Anne E. Levin Garrison on how one school raised their test scores.
The tests ARE the educational program. And if you DON'T understand the route by which you take the children there, I suggest you drive your hybrid car over to ANY public elementary school in America today and get permission to observe a third grade class at work. Doesn't matter where or who or when you show up, they are ALL on the same page at any given time, in any given school. And if you believe for one precious moment that the propoganda about "specific outcomes" means that they are learning, lemme apologize for your obvious adversion to the details and specifics about the results of the NCLB on our classrooms these last devastating years...they are LEARNING to take TESTS. So, call that learning if you will and we will agree from this moment on to avoid each other in a debate about learning.
This is my child's education, even as the teacher valiantly tries to squeeze in the 'real' stuff.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. Grassroots organizations need to educate parents as well, many I know who believe test scores provide a sense of concreteness which feels reassuring. Anyone else on this?