Monday, November 14, 2005

CA: The Borg is relentless

They say so themselves. The Borg vows to come back with the some of the same, two initiatives, namely Prop. 75 the union-killing initiative, and Prop. 77, the redistricting initiative, for the next round.

In the meantime, the human face of the borg proposes a humongo bond deal to pay for CA infrastructure. I suspect the devil lies in the details. Regarding schools, I see it means more money for building schools. Now historically in CA, money for building schools usually means money for building charter schools, such as the charter school friendly Prop. Y. This one includes $50 million dollars for charters in Los Angeles.

Here's one question: We already have passed in 2004 Prop. 55, which earmarks up to $300 million for building charter schools. So how much more money in this proposed bond will be earmarked for building charter schools once again?

Overcrowding is one important issue but I'd like to see other things addressed as well. Interesting how these bonds include very quiet provisions for charter school funding.