Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm not buying it, Governor Schwarzenegger

The headlines are deceiving because it looks like Governor Schwarzenegger is really trying to make nice: 4.3 billion dollars for public education.

But I think I see a problem already:
"The governor is committed to putting resources where they are needed the most," Bersin said.

He said the governor would designate money for specific needs, such as arts and physical education, low performing schools and helping students pass the high school exit exam.
This is the new trend: money only goes toward pet projects. Correction: 'only' is incorrect. 2.7 billion will go supposedly be 'discretionary', whatever that means.

Gee. I wonder if there's more money for charter schools as well. We'll find out next week.

Sigh. Re-election ploy, obviously. This may work with voters who don't read beyond the headlines.

Update: More details on this development over at journalist John Myers' blog. He highlights this quote:
"How are these new programs, however desirable, going to help me keep my schools open?", said Brian Lewis, executive director of the California Association of School Business Officials. Lewis says with many schools already shortchanged on the basics, it's a bad idea to start earmarking money for new programs.