Saturday, November 12, 2005

CA: Will the Governor continue bashing public education?

Governor Schwarzenegger broke his promise to public education big time in January. He then tried to rub it in by making his broken promise legal with the very obscure and complicated Prop. 76, already laden with more ways to cut education funding further.

Now that he's making grand pronouncements of responsibility, whatever that means, he could have added a public commitment to education. He could have addressed his broken promise. He could have apologized and acknowledged he lied to us, even make another promise to schools.

But I'm dismayed: he's saying not a word, not a peep, nothing, nada about education funding in his post-election pronouncements.

As you all know, Proposition 76, the monster three-for-one bill bashing public education, had the biggest crash of all. Clearly, Californians' opposition to Prop. 76 was bipartisan. Not surprising. Education is huge with working class Californians.

It leads me to wonder: will the Governor continue to bash public education?

I think the Governor's silence is ominous. He's not even trying, for goodness' sakes. Time for someone to ask him publically what happened to his broken promise.

Secondly, we need to be very clear who were the local interests who pushed Prop. 76, including the California Chamber of Commerce, the CA 'we heart NCLB' Business Roundtable, Alan Bersin the CA Secretary of Education who endorsed Prop. 76, and all the charter school interests who endorsed the Governor's education agenda. There is something very fishy going on with these folks.

It's time to develop our vision, not rely on their corporate friendly one. We've only been reactive to their version of public education. Time to be pro-active.