Sunday, May 22, 2005

Warren Beatty: "I don't want to run for Governor"

Note that he carefully doesn't say he won't run, just that he doesn't want to run.

Hey, I'm getting better at noticing things like this. The reality is we need more people like him to continue speaking up. I like that he's not afraid to offer his opinion.

My suspicion is that Beatty does not have the star power to run for governor. Many people conflated Schwarzenegger with his movie star image as hero, not suspecting that he comes with a real live BushCo agenda. Kinda scary as this is a phenomena he's still hoping to cash in on as he threatens to push the special election in November.

(Personally, I don't think Beatty has a chance but there are enough people out here in California who are confused enough such that Schwarzenegger might have a chance. Ugh. I'm not a polling outfit; I just know some of them personally.)