Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rallies in California: thousands protest budget cuts

The largest rallies so far, and the best part of the media coverage is to finally see a front page treatment by the LAT (I see this is not so apparent from the newly designed website). Still, reminder to me: reinforce positive behavior! I need to write them a letter of thanks.

George Skelton continues to remind us about Governor Schwarzenegger's misadventures in Californialand. Skelton gets points from me for saying this:
What would work for him?

• Forget the special election, saving money for grateful taxpayers.

• Do a mea culpa and return the $3.1 billion he promised schools in a budget deal last year.
And note, it's 3.1 billion, not 2 billion any more. I suspect a minor detail like this allows Governor Schwarzenegger to make technical denials about making 2 billion buck promises. Sorry, Governor, you gave your word, you broke your promise, and now, even worse, you're lying about it.

If this message doesn't get through to the people of California, I don't know what else will.