Saturday, May 07, 2005

Schwarzenegger's "perfect choice": Bersin unleashed on CA schools

"Old news", in blogger time, but I wanted to share my two cents or three on Schwarzenegger's quick appointment to replace Riordan's conveniently open seat as California's Education czar.

Alan Bersin comes to the position carrying the 'right' type of baggage. To wit:

o He was Clinton's Drug Czar of the border and a US Attorney under the Clinton administration before that, which was apparently enough to garner him a position as Superintendent of San Diego Schools. Interesting credentials, in this time of teacher accountability and tension.

o Under his reign of terror, finally brought to an end by the SD school board, it appears Bersin was successful in bringing onboard a huge amount of acrimony and uproar. A small example:
Test scores went up, but some parents and teachers said the improvements came at the cost of arts, music and other elective programs.

"During his seven-year tenure in San Diego, Alan Bersin's top-down bureaucratic style divided the community, hurt teacher morale and failed to significantly improve student learning," said Barbara Kerr, president of the California Teachers Association.
I am not looking forward to this.
o While not officially a DLC member, Bersin seems to be the DLC's California love child or at very least their California connection. Read the gushing accolades about his work in San Diego schools on their site. Oy.

Schwarzenegger can now brag how he is bipartisan because he's appointed a Democrat to office. Brilliant move. No doubt the Republican Tribe will be happy with this Democrat. And for the uninformed, once again they'll be misled and confused about another Democrat who seems to be ineffectual and weak.


Bersin will be doing his job as another Trojan Horse Democrat. I'm sure he'll be fantastic at it. Which is unfortunate for the kids who are once again shafted by the Governor.