Wednesday, May 04, 2005


That's our Governor.
From US News World & Report.
Perhaps nothing has hurt Schwarzenegger more than the perception that he is untrustworthy. Shortly after taking office, he cut a deal with California's schools to surrender $2 billion owed them by the state, which needed the cash to avoid raising taxes. Schwarzenegger gave his word that the funds would be returned when revenues rose. They did, but the money hasn't turned up yet, and the California Teachers Association has been ripping Schwarzenegger in a series of scathing TV ads ever since. "He promised the world to us, and then, like every other politician, he broke his promise," said Rose Brisson, a parent at Bancroft Middle School in Long Beach, Calif., who was among thousands of mothers, teachers, and children who descended on the ornate state Capitol last week to holler, "Give our money back!"
The Governor did betray the kids.

But out of all his so-called reforms, he's not backing down on his education initiatives, which tells us a great deal where his true priority lies.

I have more to say but my volunteer work keeps me busy for a bit longer.