Saturday, April 16, 2005

NYT: official BushCo shill

Let's go back to that developing story about Spellings and that mean nasty report , the one about how Armstrong Williams got hired by the DOE. Remember, it was such an awful report she just had to invoke executive privilege over parts of it. She also refused to allow the inspector general from interviewing some of her staff.

Kinda raises those red flags: what are they hiding that was so terrible?

We get sort of a hint when we see NYT providing an assist to team BushCo:
Mr. Dunn, who was briefly sent to the department early last year, "indicated he agreed with their concerns," the report found. He later followed up, asking Ms. Nordquist what had happened to the contract. By then, it had been renewed.
Darn. I guess it wasn't his fault.

But you see, NYT's piece downplays the significance of this story. Dunn back then was a White House aide to Spellings. And today, he is Spellings' Chief of Staff at the Department of Education.

So theWhite House did know about the Armstrong Williams case. LAT got it right.

As for the NYT, I'm disappointed.