Thursday, April 14, 2005

The educational wurlitzer

This Gerald Bracey piece is 'old' by blogger standards but I'm going to pull it out anyway for those who haven't yet read it. Why? Because what Bracey wrote about will happen again and again, kinda like in the movie Groundhog Day until we learn how to deal with it or until they don't have to.

Going back to last summer, when we were vacationing (in Connecticut, of all places), a huge NYT story on charter schools came out. See Factesque for the scoop. NYT article authored by Diane Jean Schemo is found here.

The conservative reaction to it was the equivalent of a political tsunami. They pulled out all sorts of their supporters in education, the ones who worked in the rightwing thinktanks. It was a dazzling display of the brightest education stars in the conservative sphere, which probably meant that this NYT piece written by Schemo must've really hit home.

Actually, if you didn't know the conservative playas in education, the whole thing was a good way to find out because they were out in force: Caroline Hoxby, Jay Greene, Peterson, Finn, Hickok, Hanushek, Jeanne Allen.

And, oh dear, here's another NYT article. Let's see what sort of crap the Mighty Wurlitzer will fling out this time.