Monday, April 11, 2005

Advocate Weekly III

Hey, I'm doing the roundup this time!

I'm backing up Joe Thomas, at ShutupandTeach, the chief rabble rouser of our band of public education advocates. You can still catch up on Advocate Weekly I and Advocate Weekly II.

As it turns out, the task of picking out just one post from each to highlight was waaay harder than it looks. Okay. I did my best. Here goes, and in no particular order:

Joe Thomas's site is the place to find out about what's going on in Arizona education, namely the advance of voucher legislation in his state. If you want to help holler, he's got the links. And he's got a band of merry bloggers contributing as well. See Voices against Vouchers Part V, IV, III, II and I. Help the cause at

Excellent points regarding the newest NCLB changes at Education at the Brink. And be sure to catch his thoughts on the Texas smackdown by the feds here. (Education at the Brink)

More on the newest changes to NCLB from Bill who has my vote for favorite quote: "It's like putting lipstick on a pig". Bill's highlighted more articles at The Endless Faculty Meeting.

Jack, educator in Alaska, also weighs in on the changes with examples from real-life, his school. He also has news of resistance efforts in CA and in CT. (No

The Super, a superintendent in Indiana, has joined the group blog effort at Joe Thomas' site. Just so you know, many of the posts at The Super's own site are satire. But this one on his thoughts and predictions of where vouchers movement will be isn't. Please go read. The Super's Blog.

I couldn't pick any single item from Education Politics. It's all good. Just go. Education in Politics.

Tim at Assorted Stuff highlights a bunch of great points regarding the problems with the 'small school' ideology. And he rightly dings that whacky WaPo education guy, my words not Tim's. Assorted Stuff.

Jonathan at mesoj posts a most interesting dialogue regarding libraries in Alabama, especially the words of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. To be frank, I have not heard of him but after reading this, I think we all should be really really scared....of Sessions. I should also mention that Jonathan puts up really fascinating links I usually don't see anywhere else. mesoj.

Jay at folkbum's rambles and rants writes about voucher school troubles in Wisconsin. Folkbum's Rambles and Rants

More Texas ed policy at Education Equity, Politics, and Policy in Texas. Angela posts an oped , a summary of what's at stake when the 'horse-trading' begins in the leg. committees. Education Equity, Politics, and Policy in Texas.

Teacherken highlights the article Cheapskate Conservatives Cheat Students by Richard Rothstein, which gets to the heart of many of the core education issues facing our public schools. teacherken's musings on everything

At Hedgetoad, we see the concept of textbooks questioned in Dog and Pony Show. Me, too. I never liked my textbooks. Why are they so awful? I'd rather read the real stuff. Hedgetoad.

PZ Myers' site, Pharyngula, is a daily must-read for me. I can't bear to highlight just one post but the one I bookmarked and sent to friends is his Book List for Evolutionists. Yah, I know. The truth comes out. I'm a geeky science fan with friends who are geeky science fans. Pharyngula

Chris Correa notices a very significant observation on why some kids drop out of high school. Read Getting Pushed Along. Chris Correa