Thursday, April 14, 2005

Governor owes schools an apology and $ 2 billion

Damn straight. And, finally, the guy at the LAT actually gets it!
The broken promise is at the heart of a bitter battle between Schwarzenegger and an education coalition led by the powerful, 335,000-member California Teachers Assn.

Breaking his word to the CTA and other school groups probably is the single most damaging error Schwarzenegger has committed as governor. It soiled his image as a straight shooter.

I don't know about Hollywood and moviemaking, but in Sacramento and politics, breaking your word is probably the worst sin. The term "double-cross" comes to mind.
Skelton is right about the parents as well. The governor has declared war on special interests, that'll be me over here as well, and he probably doesn't know it but the parents have been busy. In my book, what the governor did and has been doing is vile and despicable. I'm hoping he's not going to get away with it.