Monday, November 01, 2004

Last WSJ-Zogby interactive poll: November 1st, 2004

For the last time, really and truly.

Kerry's numbers and timing looks good: he's got the momentum.

States in the Kerry column outside of MoE (10/28 in parenthesis).

Washington 11.2% (10.8%)
Oregon 10.1% (11.6%)

These two states have consistently been outside MoE.

States in the Kerry side within MoE.

Wisconsin 7.0% (3.0%)
Michigan 7.0% (2.0% in the Dubya within MoE side)
Iowa 6.0% (1.0%)
Pennsylvania 5.0% (tied)
New Hampshire 4.5% (5.9%)
Minnesota 2.0% (1.0% in the Dubya within MoE side)
Florida 1.0% (1.0% in the Dubya within MoE side)

Three states more in this column than the last poll: Florida, Michigan and Minnesota.

Tied: New Mexico 0.0% (last time 6.0% within MoE Dubya)

States Dubya carries outside of MoE:

None (loses Missouri 7.1% last time, now at 4.2% within MoE)

States Dubya carries within MoE:

Nevada 5.0% (5.0%)
West Virginia 4.5% (9.3%)
Missouri 4.2% (7.1% outside of MoE)
Ohio 4.0% (3.0% within MoE Kerry side)
Tennessee 3.3% (1.8%)
Arkansas 3.2% (1.5%)

Dubya loses five states total from his side. He gains Ohio. WV numbers down: are those Kerry ads making a diff?

No Zogby Colorado numbers in this poll. My friend in Colorado says it looks as though the Kerry media campaign has pulled out. Which leaves me wondering what that means.

We'll see how well Zogby numbers hold for election night.