Friday, October 29, 2004

Oct.28th WSJ-Zogby Interactive poll

For the last time. I'm still not a convert to the WSJ-Zogby poll but since I've started this coverage, I'll be damned if I don't complete the course.

According to these last results, it looks as though the momentum is swinging towards Dubya. But there's a big 'however' to consider. I'm going to place all bets that the voter turnout will render all these polls meaningless.

States where Kerry leads outside of MoE (Oct.19th in parenthesis):

Oregon 11.6%(13.1%)
Washington 10.8% (9.9%)

Last time, this column carried four more states, three now falling in the Dubya within MoE column: New Mexico, Minnesota, Michigan. Pennsylvania is tied.

States where Kerry leads within the MoE:

New Hampshire 5.9% (5.1%)
Wisconsin 3.0% (3.8%)
Ohio 3.0% (3.0% Dubya, within MoE last time)
Iowa 1.0% (3.2%)

Ohio comes over to this category, from the Dubya within MoE group.

States where Dubya leads outside of MoE:
Missouri 7.1% (3.1%, within MoE Dubya)

One more than last time in this group.

States where Dubya leads within MoE:

West Virginia 9.8% (2.8%)
New Mexico 6.0% (9.5%, Kerry outside of MoE)
Nevada 5.0% (3.9%)
Michigan 2.0% (6.7% Kerry outside of MoE)
Tennessee 1.8% (2.5%)
Arkansas 1.5% (1.3%)
Florida 1.0% (1.2%)
Minnesota 1.0% (11.1% Kerry outside of MoE)

Virtual tie: Pennsylvania 0.0% (5.7% Kerry outside of MoE)

Wow. Volatile numbers except for: Oregon and Washington State. Results for states in the within MoE category (New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, Minnesota, and Michigan) indicate a statistical tie. The huge plus we have for our side is voter turnout. Voter turnout will render all of these numbers meaningless.

I would say 'not to worry' and GOTV. For all those worried, get off your duffs and help get out the vote or contribute to this cause. (Dear readers, I know I'm preaching to the choir here.)