Thursday, March 02, 2006

This blog supports Chuck Pennacchio for Senate

It's time for this blog to make a push for Chuck Pennacchio for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

Why? Just read Natalie Davis' fantastic interview with Chuck Pennacchio. He's a real-live Wellstone progressive, and he's intelligent, articulate, and well-grounded.

Here, I highlight the bit that made my heart race.
ND: Another issue - education: As you know, many, many children have been left behind in the past six years. What is your plan for dealing with education in the state of Pennsylvania?

CP: From the federal-level perspective, I would seek to overturn the No Child Left Behind legislation. Here, we should give kudos to Paul Wellstone for being the first to call the Bush Administration on using it as a ruse for dismantling public education. To this day, I see it as their intent. So, at the federal level, I would seek to overturn No Child Left Behind, an underfunded mandate that forces educators - and I'm an educator - to teach children nothing more than how to take standardized tests. It really is a sham. It's a cruel attempt to destroy our public education system, which needs more support, not legislation that enacts retribution measures against schools that don't pass or don't have enough students who pass arbitrary exams.
He's one of the few who gets NCLB.

I'm appalled he's being ignored by the dailykos pack, who are Casey people, something which baffles me to no end.

eRobin, who's probably given up on me by now, has for some time been valiantly pushing Chuck Pennacchio on her site, Factesque. Be sure to check her site daily for updates and news.

ActBlue site for Chuck Pennacchio.