Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Blood pressure blogging

Have been ill with a cold, just a cold, something which normally doesn't wreak havoc with my life, online and elsewhere, but this one kicked my you-know-what. Haven't gone hiking. Put on hold my adult beginner ballet classes I started since I got permission to exercise. That one's okay. I'm the stiff flailing mom in the back of the room who doesn't quite fit in with the class of elegant obviously former professional dancers. (Tell me, why are they taking adult beginner ballet? Or am I missing something? Is 'adult beginner' code for 'used-to-be-pro ballet dancer alumni'?)

Back to cold blogging. Is this case of extreme fatigue related to my brand new life on blood pressure meds? Dunno. I've been frantically googling, only to find blood pressure raising evidence I'll probably be on them for-evah. Does anyone ever get off blood pressure meds? Uh. Hardly ever. The stark realization of what it means to be dependent on meds hits home for this blogger.

And I'm now on TWO meds, for at least SIX months before I can even ask my MD about tapering off them. I'm thinking he's probably postponing having to say NO to me.

My friend helpfully points out: well, he didn't say you'll be on them until you're 90. Very helpful. I'm clinging to those words.