Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blood pressure chocolate blogging

Shhh. This is a secret.

Last week, I was literally surrounded by chocolate kisses. They were everywhere: on the floor, on the couch, on the tables, on the hearth. The kid wanted to make Valentine baggies for the classmates. I happily obliged though well aware chocolate is now prohibited from my diet, least I incur wrath from the blood pressure gods. Will I succomb to temptation? No, not I. Besides, I was sick, ill with a cold. Chocolate and a bad post-nasal drip make for nasty choking coughs. Besides, the Hershey chocolate kisses aren't the best chocolate in the world.

A week later, I'm still sick, and, oooo, I see I'm just about finished with the kisses. They came from a humongo bag from Costco. Interesting enough, a couple of days ago, I found myself googling a brand new word for my ever increasing blood pressure vocabulary: tachycardia. Something about a rapid heartbeat over 100.

I think the kisses will last a few more days. At which point, I'm positive the rapid heartbeat will go away.