Thursday, February 16, 2006

Remember the narrative

I've been following Daou recently, and, man, he has been on fire, thank goodness. Next, Daou challenges right wing blogs to 'prove it', it meaning show us examples of how our media is left-biased (specifically to this VP mess but is applicable for everything else). The myth of the left-wing biased mediahas been seeded well.
A Challenge to Rightwing Bloggers Who Blame the Media for the Cheney Mess: Prove it. One of the great absurdities of our time is the persistent notion that the traditional media skews left. Reporters buy into it, Democratic strategists and leaders buy into it, and rank and file rightwingers live by it. As I've written previously, the right controls all branches of government, talk radio is dominated by rightwing voices, there's a cable channel devoted to the rightwing perspective (and two others racing to do the same), there's a herd of rightwing pundits spewing anti-left venom across editorial pages, radio, television, the internet, etc., Bush's press conferences are cloying jokefests, and "neutral" journalists echo deep-seated pro-GOP myths.
Key, however, is how he pulls out the narrative. Examples:
Bush strong, Dems weak
Dems are "angry"
Dems policitize
Our challenge: what are our narratives? Clarity and simplicity works best.