Wednesday, February 22, 2006

CA: Team Schwarzenegger and the WH connection

Interesting piece on the revamped Team Schwarzenegger re-election squad. That distinctive aroma I smell comes from key staff hires who seem to be arriving directly from the White House.

My concern is this response by the Democrats, or at least by Andrew Acosta.
Democrats seem unimpressed, or at least unfazed, with the new team "It's more about what the response is, not about how fast he can get it out," says Democratic consultant Andrew Acosta, whose firm is doing some work for Westly's campaign. "The governor has been on a road tour, and PPIC shows his numbers are going down. I don't care if you hire Machiavelli or Karl Rove, at the end of the day, it's Schwarzenegger's name on the ballot."
Is this posturing? I dunno. But I think once the CA Republican posturing over putative Democrat Susan Kennedy blows over, we'll see a party unified behind their guy, the faux Republican action hero.