Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Listen to Gov. Schwarzenegger's speech

(tip of the hat to my friend)

Governor Schwarzenegger exemplifies narcisissm in all its glory in the speech he gives to Santa Monica City College, captured in Warren Olney's program, Which Way, LA.

Just click on the icon to listen. Warning: the entire program is about an hour long, with pundits filling out the backend although the speech takes about 18 minutes from the beginning.

If you want to hear SFChron Carla Marinucci and LA Weekly's Bill Bradley, here's your chance.

I was struck by a couple of extraordinarily grating lines in his speech. He exhorts graduates that "there is so much joy in giving something back", especially "giving back to the community", and to "think of people less fortunate than others". Yah, riiiight.

In a town where the local paper does a piss-poor job in covering Governor Schwarzenegger's misdeeds, I was heartened to hear the reaction from the Governor's community college audience.