Monday, June 13, 2005

Governor Schwarzenegger comes through for the (rich) People of Califorrnia

The Governor's press release just begs to be read like this. Pulling out a few choice quotes, revised:

“Our broken state government will be modernized and revitalized and the (rich) people will be heard.”

“When I was elected governor I said I would put California’s financial house in order and reform a government that no longer listened to the (rich) people,” said Governor Schwarzenegger.

“In my State of the State speech in January, I said that if the Legislature did not act on reforms this year, the (rich) people of California would. I still hope the Legislature will join me so we can go to the ballot together with a bipartisan plan. But one way or another, there will be action this year and there will be reform.”

An aside: I notice today the Governor's page no longer identifies him as the "People's Governor".

I do recommend the choice words about the whole thing from paradox at The Left Coaster.