Friday, June 10, 2005

SMC shut-down

Of course, this was inevitable: Santa Monica City College will turn into a temporary police-state for Governor Schwarzenegger's brave stint as commencement speaker in a hostile land. What a hero. Not.
We're being asked to shut up. The administration has announced, for the first time ever, that no pins, banners, signs, or any expression of dissent will be tolerated. Apparently, the new anti-speech policy at SMC was instituted just for the Gov., who refuses to listen to anyone but his big industry donors. I've even heard that they're shutting down the parking structure with one day left of school, patting down guests and graduates and making them pass through metal detectors.
I think this is not worth it. The whole thing is bound to be uber-expensive for both the City and the College, just for the extra security measures.

My next prediction: I wouldn't be surprised to see the entire city shut down for Governor Schwarzenegger. We have been such good little sheeple.