Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Money makes the world go around

According to Election Track, Reed Hastings, a major CA charter school supporter, has given $25,000 to the PAC that supports Schwarzenegger's initiatives.

The import?

Hastings has been a martyred Democratic figure, a shining knight struck down by racially biased Democrats of the worst kind, as spun by the corporate Dems and by the conservative crew.

Funny how these two groups seem to work well together. From all their collective wailing, you would've thought Hastings had been scheduled to be part of a future crucifiction.

Here lies one nice example that Hastings isn't as pure as they would like you to think. I think it shows where his loyalties lie. Fine with me. He can spend his money the way he wants but don't tell me he has the people's interest in mind.

BTW: an example of a Kaussian take on Hastings FYI. Ugh. Anyone else get the creeps reading his stuff?