Sunday, March 20, 2005

Finding out what the opposition thinks

Spoke with a Republican in-law, just to find out whether she knew how the Fabricator's proposals will affect public schools. She has three kids in CA public schools.

She knew it would be bad but in her mind, this was for the good eventually. She's hoping this will spur the movement to provide tax write-offs for the time when she puts her kids in private school when the local schools got too bad. She thought no money for government is the right amount of money and so wasn't concerned about low amount of the per-pupil spending.

She's told her kids not to bring home any PTA material because she thinks PTA is a scam and a special interest group: take from the wealthy and dispense to the poor.

She's not the first to tell me she avoids PTA like the plague because they 'squander' money.

Just let me add that I'm shocked. Absolutely shocked. But this whole thing was entirely informative. I still haven't picked up my jaw from the floor so I have no responses at the moment.