Thursday, March 24, 2005

What can we do about this nightmare?

In Arnold's world, we're supposed to breathe a sigh of relief as he saves us from ourselves, pity that we should even try to think for ourselves.

For example, he's decided to 'keep us within our limits' and 'put our kids first', the paraphrased names of two of his new initiatives he's trying to ram onto the ballot.

More at this site below but I can't bear to link directly for fear of catching something odious.

The reality is that Arnold'll still go to court in London for abusing women, and he can raise unlimited amounts of money, nevermind that he blasted Gray Davis for raising essentially diddly squat in comparison to his own efforts. And the newest outrage: he'll use whatever means possible to go after the elderly and their heirs (sorry: site requires registration).

I just noticed a dkos diary on still another way Arnold continues to harass the people of California. Brownshirts, anyone? Just call this our neverending nightmare on steroids.

Which brings me to a simple question: what can we do?

I'm down to calling my legislators, fine people who are truly on the people's side, but I've also been calling Nunez, the alleged leader of the Assembly. I'm frustrated. His leadership hasn't been obvious to me.

California for Democracy's site is my home away from home. Sign petitions there.

Also petitions need to be signed at :

The answers aren't clear to me. What is obvious to me from talking to friends is that what moved people to vote for BushCo is working well again: the media onslaught both from endless TV ads and on the radio rightwing talk shows. And we don't have much to counter these forces. I've been sorry to find blogs are still cutting edge and not on anyone's radar. Yet.