Monday, March 28, 2005

Surely solutions for our schools will work for patients in hospitals

Lifted from Susan Ohanian's site:
I have the solution to the nursing shortage:

• Reduce funding to all public hospitals so they can no longer afford to buy proper medical equipment.

• Raise the nurse-to-patient ratio to make it nearly impossible for nurses to give patients the required attention.

• Make nurses responsible whenever a patient dies, regardless of lifestyle factors, (i.e., smoking, diet), disease, age, income and heredity, or whether a patient listens to medical advice.

• Put nurses on a merit pay system where their rate of pay is determined by their patients' health. Test living patients yearly to determine their healthfulness. Deaths or unhealthiness among patients will result in a pay and status reduction for the nurse.

These sure-fire techniques will definitely boost the health and well-being of all patients in California hospitals. It's working for our schools, isn't it?

Letter to the Los Angeles Times, from Amy Freeman, educator