Sunday, March 20, 2005

On public education and blogging

I've long wanted to make a list like this and with Joe Thomas, at Shut Up and Teach, who has been my partner and chief instigator behind this, I think we've got a good start.

As for my interest in this, I quietly lurk in two huge blogging circles which rarely intersects: the 'edublog' world and the progressive blog world. My own personal goal: I want bloggers in these two worlds who identify with our agenda to know about each other.

So if you notice new names, please check them out.

We all write about public education in our own very different ways, but the common theme is that we all support public education.

Shut Up and Teach: Joe Thomas, teacher in Arizona
Assorted Stuff: Tim, teacher on the East Coast
Education on the Brink: teacher in Texas
The Super's Blog: superintendent in Indiana (blog is both satire and commentary)
Endless Faculty Meeting: Bill, teacher
No NCLB: teacher in Alaska
Education Politics
Chris Correa: ed/psych graduate student

moi: parent, California
folkbum's rambles and rants: folkbum, teacher in Wisconsin, also writes for Liberal Street Fighter
Pharyngula: PZ Myers, university professor, Minnesota
Mad Kane: Mad Kane, humor/satire
teacherken: teacher

At this point, this is merely a listing and is far from complete.