Monday, December 06, 2004

I heartily endorse BC's grassroots education project idea

BC weighs in on the state of the party as well.
What must be broken is the Democratic Leadership Council’s corporate grip on the party. Two presidential elections in succession, DLC-led tickets have acquiesced to Republican criminality, leaving Black voting rights strewn in the gutter like plastic baubles the morning after a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. Kerry’s near-instantaneous concession was designed to pre-empt and silence the cries of the wounded so that the DLC might make amends with the Bush Pirates and rejoin the permanent government as a compliant, junior partner. However, history may record that Kerry’s cavalier dismissal of the Democratic base’s deep pain and righteous outrage was the fatal insult. Contempt is no basis for cohabitation. If the DLC’s dead hand cannot be pried from the controls, the national Democratic Party is finished. The troops will disappear, and no amount of 527-type money will buy them back.
One problem I've been pointing out is that people have no idea who the DLC is and what their agenda is.
With a few exceptions, the Democratic Leadership Council/Blue Dog faction of the Congressional Black Caucus are elected by overwhelming majorities of Black voters who are totally unaware of the DLC’s racist, corporate origins – or even that their representatives are members of the DLC. A Black progressive grassroots political education project of huge dimensions is clearly in order.
I really like the idea of a grassroots political education project, not just for black voters. I would also like to see educators and parents targeted so that they can better understand where the NCLB education policy comes from in the Democratic party. Then more people may understand why NCLB has such a corporate flavor to it.

I don't know if BC has any plans already for this. I hardly think the Democratic party will fund such a project. It'll probably end up being a disinformation propaganda deal if they did.

I'll start this for those online. Here's a list of recent articles out on the DLC and the Democratic party. You can send these recent ones to your friends.

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Thomas Frank (his book has more in it as well)

For a more basic understanding, older articles have more background material:
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