Saturday, December 04, 2004

The end of the internets as we know it

Really and truly.

If the US Supreme Court rules against open internet access in Brand X v. FCC, web content can be regulated. Which means this will be the end of political blogging as we know it, the end of fundraising over the internet as it stands, and the end of democracy.

It's all up to the Supremes.

Every progressive blogger should be following this case of BushCo's revenge on the internets.

Center for Digital Democracy

Media Access Project, press release (PDF!)

LATimes article
Schwartzman, of the Media Access Project, said a victory for the cable industry would allow it to limit content on the Internet.

"This is much more than an argument about economics," he said. "If the Supreme Court rules against Internet open access, cable companies will be able to block content at will for political or financial reasons and deny the public the ability to choose among competing Internet providers."
Note: this was buried in the Saturday LAT paper.

NYT has the AP story