Friday, December 03, 2004

DLC teams with their pals, the GOP and Fox News

Now that Trippi (and Frank although less so) has shone some light into the dark corners of the Democratic party (note: this faction is not the Democratic party but they do seem to have say in a lot of things concerning the party), the creatures who flourish in the darkness come out swinging.

DLC openly joins forces with their secret blood buddies, Fox News and the GOP, bashing Moore, according to Matt Taibbi.
What From, Marshall and the other DLC speakers were doing last week was not just ruminating out loud about the need to shy away from certain demonized liberal icons. They were, instead, announcing their willingness to embrace the other side's tactic – I hate to lean on this overused word, but it is a McCarthyite tactic – of branding certain individuals as traitors and anti-Americans. What they were doing was sending up a trial balloon, to see if anyone noticed this chilling affirmative shift in strategy and tactics.

Well, I noticed. I also noticed that unless something is done about it, this unelected bund of corporate pawns is once again going to end up writing the party platform and arranging things to make sure that no anti-war candidate is allowed to compete for votes in the primaries. It will push one of its own – probably Harold Ickes, or Brazile – in next year's election for the chairman of the Democratic Party. And when that person wins, the tens of millions of Democrats who opposed the war will have to get used to people like Will Marshall referring to them as "we" in front of roomfuls of reporters – Marshall, who this year wrote, in Blueprint, an article entitled "Stay and Win in Iraq" that offered the following view of the progress of the war:

"Coalition forces still face daily attacks but the body count tilts massively in their favor."

Uh-huh. And Michael Moore and Hollywood are the problem with the Democratic Party.
More articles like this, please.

As I've said before, most people offline have no idea who the DLC is. They should. And we should tell more people about the DLC: what they stand for, who funds them, how they influence the party.

I think people sense there's something wrong with the Democratic party. The DLC isn't the entire problem but part of the problem is that most people have no idea how much power these guys have and what their agenda is.