Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Harry Reid and NCLB

Here's a buried tidbit. I'm still looking for more info on this but the new Senate Minority leader promises to look into this as part of his agenda.
Reid also mentioned global warming and the "No Child Left Behind" education program as topics that needed a closer look.
We'll see what that means. While I strongly disagree with many of his stances (ugg, Scalia?), I hope he'll keep surprising me in a good way.

By the way, NCLB, despite its vaunted bipartisan support in Congress, elicits bipartisan dismay in reaction, and I'm talking bipartisan of a different group of people. Legislators in the so-called red and swing states were spearheading change in NCLB this last election year. This talk of how the so-called red states are so different from the blue states bugs me precisely because NCLB is one of those issues that goes across political boundaries.

Update: Regular readers can just skip over this part but here is where I try to connect the dots. Most people I knew (offline) assumed that if BushCo was not reelected, NCLB would go. Wrong. The biggest supporters have been the Dems, the DLC ones, whose well-funded thinktank, the PPI, provided quite a bit of policy support in the legislation.

Links about the DLC is provided here at the bottom of the post.