Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Unplanned live blogging

I've been religiously checking Mediamatters.org and CSPAN.org's electoral site map.

I have to go out now to celebrate my birthday but when I come back, I hope I like what I see.

Update: (silence)

This is so wrong. Huge discrepancy between the two sites.

It's 10:37PM, PST.
CSPAN has it at 249-221 Dubya.
If you went by the networks, you'd think it was 269-207 Dubya. And that Ohio was Dubya's. Dearies, it's not...yet.

Update: I just noticed Mediamatters changes the count to 249-207 Dubya. Did they take Ohio off Dubya's side? Yup, I think they did.

Update: 11:11PM, PST. 249-221 Dubya. Sites match. Game not over. Yet.