Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Congrats to Tom Burka

...who makes the NYT editorial page as one of the few liberal bloggers chosen to comment on the election. Tom says:
Even before he started his campaign in earnest this year, President Bush made a crucial and perhaps fatal misstep when he announced a manned mission to Mars in January - and then abandoned the initiative as hastily as he had adopted it. In doing so, the president alienated the increasingly important group of voters who have given up and "just want to get off Earth."

"Bush misunderestimated the importance of the 'Get me out of here' bloc," said Dr. Herb Flaggellum, a former thyroid doctor-turned-pundit.

Exit polling will almost certainly show that in a sea of issues baffling undecided voters, Mr. Bush's lack of commitment to expensive space exploration was a deciding factor in the election today. That, and his failure to wear a receiver and earpiece in the first debate.
Too bad the list of bloggers they chose tilts so far to the right that you can't accuse the NYT of being partial to liberals.

While scrounging around in the dark side of the blog world, I find this unintentionally hilarious comment in response to Tom's satire.
TOM BURKA,http://www.tomburka.com/: Another of many that misunderestimate the enormity of 9/11 and how much had to take a backseat while a vicious enemy had to be conquered before other important projects... such as space could be stepped up... space exploration doesn't really mean much if Space Center Houston has been vaporized with a suitcase nuke, does it?
Maybe he needs to meet Resultron.