Friday, November 12, 2004

Paige to leave his Department of Education position

From AP:
Education Secretary Rod Paige intends to leave his Cabinet position, a Bush administration official told The Associated Press Friday.

"The secretary has been looking at leaving, and he's been in discussion with the White House about the right time to do so," said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.
As for his replacement, it looks like it might be another Texan, Margaret Spellings. Education at the Brink, written by a Texas educator, has been prescient. Be sure to keep an eye on this blog for more information in the next weeks.

But, pray, what is this about?
But in recent days, some close to Paige have said he's seemed eager to carry on the oversight of the law.

"I talked to him before he gave his speech at the Republican convention, and he seemed to be enjoying his job immensely," Williamson Evers, a Hoover Institution research fellow, said recently. Evers is an informal adviser to the White House and the Education Department.
Sounds like he'll continue on somewhere, probably in another setting.

As for any changes, I really expect an acceleration of the agenda. I don't think the person per se matters any more as policy has been determined already.