Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bill Moyers and NOW

Heads up for this Friday's program. His show is always interesting but this one seems filled with extras.
This week on NOW:

* Those little town jobs blues. What's the reality behind America's job recovery? NOW reports from the ground in a swing state to find out in THE VIEW FROM MAIN STREET.

* Class act. Are corporate elites waging a class war in America? Bill Moyers asks Michael Zweig, economist, author, and founder of the Center for Study of Working Class Life.

* Message points. With just days left until the election, message crafting is at a fever pitch on the campaign trail. David Brancaccio turns to NOW analyst Kathleen Hall Jamieson for the message of the moment.

* Playing the God card. Bill Moyers interviews NOW analyst Kevin Phillips about how faith is taking center stage in the campaign.
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