Friday, October 22, 2004

WV elector may rock the boat

From the AP:
He's mad about President Bush's economic and foreign policies -- and now, one of West Virginia's five Republican electors says he might not vote for Bush.

South Charleston Mayor Richie Robb says based on his research, an elector has "qualified discretion" when it comes to casting a vote.

Still, Robb calls it "highly unlikely" that he would cast a vote for Democrat John Kerry. He says he might cast his vote for Vice President Cheney or another Republican instead, meaning the president would lose out on one electoral vote.

Robb's decision could end up having enormous national significance because the presidential election is expected to go down to the wire.

Only ten electors in history have gone against the popular vote, including one from West Virginia.
I wonder what motivates this Republican mayor to publicly declare he may not vote for Dubya. Either way, this is a high-wire act, one that may cost him and his city so he must have good reason to do this.

Does anyone know more about this guy and his story?