Thursday, September 30, 2004

Outsourcing torture

I think the insanity is getting worse. And it's happening in little covert ways.

From Fact-esque:
Ted and Belle are notifying their readers that the asylum that is our House of Representatives is considering a bill that would allow the US to extradite a "terrorist suspect" to countries that allow torture in order to get information from said suspect. This bill would put the official okey dokey on using terror as a legitimate interrogation technique and from there it's a short jump to torture being officially sanctioned here. I understand that torture goes on every day in the USA in our prisons and police stations. I understand that Abu Ghraib has already proven that we are probably already in the middle of the short jump I mentioned. That's why this bill can't be allowed to pass - or at least can't be allowed to be ignored. Belle says:

If the blogosphere really has any ability to break stories, we should be spending our firepower here. I’m willing to bet this law won’t get passed if it is publicized before passage, but it might get through in some hasty, last-minute bill passing if it is overlooked. Don’t let it happen.
Action: write your Reps. Copy of a letter you can use as inspiration. And pass it on.